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Better Auto welding helmet and goggle from Goldland Industrial CO., LTD.



Better Auto welding helmet and goggle from Goldland Industrial CO., LTD.

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Better Auto welding helmet and goggle from Goldland Industrial CO., LTD.

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Better Auto welding helmet and goggle from

Goldland Industrial CO., LTD.

Are you searching a better quality welding helmet that is at ease and gives enough defence? It is critical to invest in your security. As there are many welding helmets which exist in the marketplace. Choosing a welding helmet depends on what type of welding it is to be used for.


If welding is what you do day in day out a higher end helmet is gonna serve you better than than a harbor freight special. Auto darkening helmets range from less than $100 to over $500. Higher end helmets offer more viewing area,more light sensors in which if you weld pipe for a living can appreciate,faster switching times and are usually lighter. The best suggestion is to research what manufacturer has the best options for you.


Every helmet has its exclusive features & advantages. It is very vital to use high-quality equipment during the welding time. Hopefully, you can know here about what is better welding helmet.


You know the best welding helmet is essential for the defence of the neck, rare, and eye from the radiations. The harmful radiation can damage your retina that can lead to loss of the eye vision. To avoid this loss, you should use the best welding helmet. In this post, we will discuss better welding helmet.


What is better welding helmet?

Welding helmets are the types of helmets that are generally used in welding works. The welding helmet defends your face, head, rare, neck from the ultraviolet rays of welding work. See Goldland industrial site for more information.


Now the technology has come a long way. Now there are many types of the helmet in the marketplaces. The range of helmets spans from solar auto-darkening helmet to essential, sole menu helmets.


If you read the post for particular kinds of the helmet, you may go for any product from here. So you can make use of many other tasks. Undoubtedly you can pick a product from our website which It gives you value for the money and your requirements.


Way to find better welding helmet

Before using better welding helmet, at first, we have to seek better welder helmets. Below we talk about the way to find the better welder helmet. Selecting the better helmet, we have to care about the few factors. The factors are:


Large Viewing Area: High-Class Optics

It merely is that the better you see, the better you can do welding. Before purchasing a helmet, we should care about the large viewing area and top-class optics. Goldland industrial now has the largest viewing Area ADF to 100X93MM, optics is 1/1/1/2.


Performance: How powerful is the ADF?

Some welding helmets have a lot of sensors. It does not mean that the helmet is the best. We have to take care of that the power of the sensor, Goldland industrial has 2 sensors to 4 sensor ADF, the switching time is very short.


True Color Filter

This welding helmet equip with true color filter, that can reducing the lime green tint, like looking through the clear window glass,providing a clearer welding vision.


Shade Control

When the arc is occurring, adjusting the shade level comfortably helps welders to perfect their craft with ease. Similar to the placement of the knob for light sensitivity, shade level setting knobs are generally on the inside of your helmet. 


Working with the right shade level for you is a major determiner on workplace performance. If you have chosen a shade that is too dark, you will likely have trouble seeing your weld. This will create obvious issues. And if your shade level is too low, you could risk exposing yourself to light damage.  Goldland industrial has welding helmet's advanced technology is: we can do shade 3-14, or shade 2-13, it's more light according to the popular shade 4-13 in the market. That is great process in welding helmet industrial.


Welding Helmet Comfort

You expend most of your effort week under your hood. So why be scratchy? An utterly adaptable head harness with different adjustment points & an even weight distribution makes for a tailored fit. Goldland industrial has TK01-TK09, nine different headgear, there is always one of them which is very suitable for you and makes you very comfortable.


Welding Helmet Versatility

A helmet should be appropriate for a range of different conditions. Because most of the time we work the different situations. You should find a helmet that fulfills your particular objects or your site requirements. Goldland industrial has a long range of helmets and goggles, each helmet and goggle has different function, LED light and voice broadcast make your welding work more easily.


Goldland Industrial products range including below:

Auto-darkening welding helmets

Flip-up welding helmets

Welding goggles

Welding goggles with hardhat

Welding goggles with PAPR

PAPR with welding helmet

PAPR with soft hood

PAPR for compressed air system

PAPR with half silicon mask ( The latest technology among China suppliers)

Cap Powered respirator unit  (New products)


If  you want to find a better welding helmet or goggle, please contact us now! Better products and the best service, we always offer!




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