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Goldland has been dedicated in Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, Goggles, PAPR since 2003 and developed more than 20 different welding helmets and 10 PAPR for the global customers. We have experienced a lot of changes in the past 19 years and take great pride in our growth, now Goldland has become a center for exceptional welding protection products and a top manufacturer in China. 


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We have the strongest R&D team, who can continue to provide new technology and concept products every year, we would always like to help customers to develop different products for their local market. Moreover we can make great ideas into reality and provide prototypes within ten days.



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09 2023-01


First of all, let's understand what is a welder? Welders are a type of work that uses suitable welding methods, reasonable welding processes, appropriate welding equipment, and fillers of the same or different materials or even no fillers, with heating or pressure or both heating and pressure to tightly connect metal or non-metal workpieces. In fact, the welder is a very popular work, all walks of life are inseparable from the welder, although welding is a very easy to learn skills, but to use good depends on personal comprehension, coupled with theoretical and practical learning, the following we will start to learn about the problems commonly encountered in the welding process and solutions it! NO.1 Sticky electrode how to do? Sticky electrode is spot welding electrode and parts to form a non-normal welding and electrode and parts of the adhesion phenomenon, serious electrode is pulled out, cooling water flow to make parts rust. The reasons for sticky electrode are about 4 points 1、The working surface of two electrodes is not parallel. This situation causes the electrode working surface and parts local contact, the electrode and parts contact resistance increases, which will make the welding circuit current has decreased. WeChat public number: welders, but the current is concentrated in the local contact point, the current density of the contact point is greater than the normal welding electrode working surface current density, resulting in the temperature of the contact point to the electrode and parts of the weldable temperature, the formation of electrodes and parts of the fusion. 2、The working surface of electrode is rough. Electrode working surface and parts can not be completely fit, only some parts protruding and parts contact. This situation will also cause the situation in (1). 3、Insufficient electrode pressure. Contact resistance and pressure are inversely proportional. Insufficient electrode pressure causes the contact resistance between the electrode and the part to increase, the contact part resistance heat increases, so that the electrode and the temperature of the contact surface of the part rises to the weldable temperature, forming a fused connection between the electrode and the part. 4、Welding gun cooling outlet water pipe connected to the reverse or cooling water circulation obstruction, electrode temperature increases, in continuous spot welding can cause electrode and parts fusion connection. Solution 1、File the electrode head so that the working surface of the two electrodes is parallel and the surface is free of rough defects. Select the welding program as resharpening program (no current output), and observe whether the working surface of the two electrodes is parallel by emptying the welding robbery. 2、In the resharpening state, the welding will be beaten 5~10 times in the air, in order to forge the working surface of the two electrodes to increase the contact area within the specified diameter of the electrode head, and to improve the surface hardness. 3、Heat the working surface of the electrode with oxyacetylene flame to make the click working surface form an oxide layer (oxidation post), the oxidation post has good thermal stability and the melting point can reach 1300℃. It can improve the melting point of the working surface of the electrode, and at the same time destroy the weldability between the electrode and the parts. 4、Coat the working surface of the electrode with the red-dan configured by the welder to destroy the weldability between the electrode and the parts. 5、Adjust the electrode pressure and use the welding parameters of high pressure, hitting power source and short power-on time. 6、Clean the cooling water pipe regularly to ensure the flow of cooling water. NO.2 When welding vertical seam, how to weld the most flat? Stand welding with continuous arc welding forming is better, the current is 10% less than the current of flat welding, the angle is about 70 to 75 degrees. We generally use the sawtooth and crescent-shaped bar method, mainly for your own application. What is the reason for the small cracks that sometimes appear when welding vertical seams? The causes of cracks may be multifaceted and can be found in the following areas. 1, the material is which type, according to which you should choose the matching welding material. 2, according to the material and the form of the joint, choose the appropriate welding construction specifications, if necessary, to determine the parameters of the welding construction process by test, multi-pass welding, but also pay attention to control the interlayer temperature. 3, according to experience, so thick two pieces of welding, should be preheated before welding. Cracks in the steel pipe after welding the causes and solutions Cracks appear for the following reasons: 1, the weld shrinkage stress is too large, easy to produce slow cracking. 2, the weld is not uniformly heated, prone to brittleness.


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